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What is Acid rain ?
Acid rain is rainfall that has been acidified. Rain is acidified by oxides of sulfur and nitrogen. Acid rain is formed oxides of sulfur and nitrogen, contained in power plant smoke, factory smoke, and car exhaust, react with the moisture in the atmosphere.


What coused Acid rain ?
Acid rain can be caused by many things. Industrial emissions from factories and power plants that burn fuels such as natural gas, coal or oil, emit smoke that gives off oxides of sulfur and nitrogen is one cause. Another cause is vehicles (e.g. cars, buses) that burn gasoline and diesel. The exhaust emitted by burning these fuels contains sulfur dioxide, an oxide of sulfur. Also, vehicles that have gas engines will produce oxides of nitrogen, another cause of acid rain. One other cause is home fires giving off smoke that contains sulfur dioxide. Some fairly minor causes are natural causes which are volcanoes, swamps and rotting plants giving off sulfur dioxide. Natural causes only account for 10% of the pollution causing acid rain.


What Acid rain has done ?
There are many bad things that have happened because of acid rain and here are some. In Sweden, drinking water once contained enough water to make people's hair turn green. In the Czech Republic, many trees lost all their leaves as a result of acid rain. The Taj Mahal in India, one of the ten wonders of the world, is being constantly threatened by acid rain. Some famous statues, such as the Lincoln Memorial and Michaelangelo's statue of Marcus Aurelius, have started deteriorating because of acid rain. In London in 1952, very thick acid smog killed 4,000 people.
What We can Do ?
We can do things to help solve the acid rain problem. We can cut back on car use by walking, cycling, using public transit. We can also help by turning off electrical devices not in use such as lights and computers.


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