Authors: III B girls Ola P., Basia R., Asia Ł,. Kasia Sze., Patrycja K.

Our planet is dying, because of our activites. We think there is a lot we can do to stop it.

First of all we should stop cutting down the rainforest, which are our lungs. What’s more this forest is a source of plants, which can be used in the medicine.

Moreover the acid rains are caused by the gases, which are emitted into the atmosphere so we must you public transport or bikes to limit the petrol in our country.

We mustn’t forget about our water and soil. They become toxic. We are polluted our water. This activites kill fish and plants. So take care of our water. Our soil are comminment by acid rains. It poisons plants and trees.

We should learn how to be environmental friendly

- safe electricity and water

- don’t forget about recycling

If we learn how to segregate the rubbish we will safe the earth

- use the ozone friendly cometicts , because when the are not friendly to environment they inereasl ? the ozone hole.

- the factory to reduce the number of pollution .

If we don’t do it we will have the following effects

- warming effects the icecap will melt and we will have a lot of flood end other disasters

- the ozone hole

it is very dangerous , because you can early get the skin cancer

diseases such as cannier allergies

-acid rains

It will falls an trees houses and cars

- the lack of clean water and energy

We must remember we are responsible for it

We need to work together to solve this problem

If we don’t do it our planet will remind the empty dessert.

external image acid-rain-1a.jpg

external image acid-rain.jpg